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A Recap of the Science and Innovation for Effective and Sustainable Healthcare Event

On Monday, 20 November 2023, the National Center for Gene Therapy and Drugs based on RNA Technology outlined its strategic goals and research projects to the public. Hosted by the University of Padua, the event welcomed governing members of the National Center along with representatives from several Italian institutions, distinguished scholars, and the participation of Italy’s Minister of University and Research Anna Maria Bernini.

Selected among proposals as one of five National Champions within Mission 4 of “Research and Education” of the Italian National Recovery and Resilience Plan, the National Center focuses on developing and manufacturing pharmaceutical products based on RNA technology. The event offered an opportunity to discuss and share insights related to engaging in state-of-the-art and breakthrough scientific research and activities in response to some of today’s most urgent and complex medical challenges.

Following the welcoming remarks by the University of Padua Rector Daniela Mapelli and Padua’s Mayor Sergio Giordani, Minister Bernini brought several insights to the forefront,

“This National Center is a jewel in the crown of the great strategic infrastructure of Italy’s reformation plan. It is part of a greater mosaic within interstitial elements that are rarely visible… it must be exported internationally and industrialized for it to continue post-2026. The conditions of this longevity exist, they are the biotechnologies for which Italy is already a leader but will continue to be one. Perhaps a Boost from the G7, which Italy will host next year, will bring an opportunity to share our expertise in research and innovation in the Biotech industry.”

The event also included a panel and presentations by Prof Rosario Rizzuto, Prof Giorgio Palù, Prof Franco Locatelli, and Prof Angela Zampella.

Luigi Ripamonti, journalist and editor-in-chief of Corriere Salute and the Health section of the Corriere della Sera website, moderated the panel with an open discussion and round table.

Former University of Padua Rector, Prof Rosario Rizzuto is the current Director of the Department of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Padua and President of the National Center. Prof Giorgio Palù is the President of the Italian Medicines Agency, an Emeritus professor of Microbiology and Virology at the University of Padua, and a Neurosciences and Sciences and Technology professor at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA). As Director of Rome’s Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù, Prof Franco Locatelli is the President of Italy’s Higher Health Council (CSS) and Vice President of the National Center. As the Director of the Department of Pharmacy at the University of Naples Federico II, Prof Angela Zampella is the Supervisory Board President of the National Center.

By working together and sharing resources, the National Center aims to improve the lives of those suffering from genetic diseases.

The event is available on the dedicated National Center for Gene Therapy and Drugs based on RNA Technology YouTube Channel.

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