RNA - Genetherapys

Assembly of Foundation Members

Presided by the Foundation President, the Assembly of Foundation Members meet annually and upon request of the majority of Foundation members. The Assembly includes all the members of the National Center. Resolutions are reached by a majority vote of those present.

Board of Directors

Comprised of a maximum of 13 members, the Board of Directors manages the administration of the Foundation. Chaired by the Foundation President, the Board of Directors is elected by the Assembly for a 4-year term in a list of candidates possessing professional skills and management experience. Entities supervised by the Italian Ministry of University and Research (MUR), such as public universities, appoint at least half of the Board of Directors’ members. The Board of Directors adopts strategic plans and budgets to be submitted for approval to the Supervisory Board. While proposing financial statements to the Supervisory Board, the Board of Directors approves recruitment plans and assigns mandates to specific members, the Foundation’s staff, or third parties. The Board of Directors appoints the General Director/Program Manager and verifies objective achievement, milestones, and deadlines of the Research Program.

  • Rosario Rizzuto (Foundation President)
  • Franco Locatelli (Foundation Vice President)
  • Mariangela Amoroso
  • Stefano Cosma
  • Elisabetta Ferretti
  • Cesare Furlanello
  • Adriana Maggi
  • Donata Medaglini
  • Grazia Paola Nicchia
  • Paolo Patri
  • Nicola Tirelli
  • Melania Rizzoli (appointed by MUR)

Supervisory Board

Elected by the Assembly, the Supervisory Board includes up to 21 members. As for the Board of Directors, entities supervised by MUR, such as public universities, appoint at least half of the Supervisory Board members. The Supervisory Board holds the power of budget approvals, strategies, legal oversights, and appointments. The term of office is four years. Decisions passed require a majority of members present.

  • Angela Zampella (Supervisory Board President)
  • Claudia Martini (Supervisory Board Vice President)
  • Lidia Armelao
  • Luigi Aurisicchio
  • Filippo Begarani
  • Debora Berti
  • Benedetta Bussolati
  • Pietro Campiglia
  • Luciano Colombo
  • Caterina Garone
  • Mauro Giacca
  • Massimiliano Laganà
  • Massimo Libra
  • Luigi Naldini
  • Marina Pizzi
  • Silvia Priori
  • Gianluigi Venturini
  • Giuseppe Viglietto
  • Domenico Menorello (appointed by MUR)

Board of Auditors

The Foundation is subject to the supervision of a Board of Auditors that includes three full members and two deputy members. The Supervisory Board appoints the Board of Auditors, ensuring a gender-balanced representation of members. The term of office of the auditors is four years.

  • Antonio Ricci (President)
  • Andrea Valmarana
  • Nunzia Onorato

Program Manager/Director

The Program Manager/Director leads the overall coordination and strategic planning for the management and implementation of Research Program activities.
Responsible for monitoring the progression and spending of Research Program activities, the PM reports to the Foundation President and governing bodies. The Director works in synergy with the governing bodies of the Foundation by verifying that Research Program activities comply with the financing contract and obligations set by the Italian Ministry of University and Research (MUR). The PM is responsible for supporting and coordinating the activities of the Spokes and related Affiliates while managing human resources within the Foundation and supporting the general affairs for the governing bodies. The Director manages relations with MUR as well as with public and private stakeholders. Elena Quagliato is the Program Manager/Director of the Foundation.

International Scientific Advisory Board

The International Scientific Advisory Board is a consultative body that advises on the scientific progress of the Research Program, evaluates the scientific outcomes of the projects carried out within the National Center, and assesses research projects of interest. The current members of the Scientific Advisory Board are:

  • Paula Cannon
  • Alain Fischer
  • Katherine High
  • Christoph Huber
  • Giorgio Palù

Industrial Board

The Industrial Board is a consultative body that gives advice on industrial strategies and economic opportunities in the life science and pharma sector and evaluates industrial opportunities for research products. The members of the Industrial Board include representatives of the private companies that are members of the Foundation.

  • Paola Puccini (President)
  • Maria Candida Cesta
  • Luca Felletti
  • Peter Fenici
  • Odra Pinato
  • Giacomo Zermani