RNA - Genetherapys
National PhD Organisation

Composed of three curricula, the program covers the identification of mechanisms of diseases and drug targets, the design and delivery methods of gene therapy and RNA-based medicines, and the validation and safety of preclinical and clinical studies.

In concert with the National Center, the curricula cover diseases related to cancer, genetics, metabolism, cardiovascular, neurodegenerative, as well as inflammatory and infectious disorders. Students will gain deep theoretical, methodological, and applicable training in the development of novel RNA drugs and gene therapies. Students will become experts in the critical steps taken during Phases I-III of clinical trials, including the detection, assessment, and prevention of adverse drug reactions.
As part of the 3rd cycle of higher education, the National PhD program in RNA Therapeutics and Gene Therapy prepares students for advanced scientific research methodology, including internships abroad and participation in research laboratories. At the end of the three-year program, doctoral candidates must develop and submit an original research thesis.

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