RNA - Genetherapys

Interested applicants must hold a valid five-year university degree, equivalent to a Master’s degree, to participate in the public call. Eligibility factors include the evaluation of academic transcripts, research project proposals, curriculum vitae (resumé), personal statements, and recommendation letter(s). Candidates will participate in an oral exam to ensure a fair and suitable comparative evaluation of all candidates and to ascertain their preparation and aptitude for scientific research. The qualifications and topics covered by the oral exam must be relevant to the scientific-disciplinary sectors of the PhD course. The exam will focus on a specific topic chosen by the candidate from the list made available after the opening of the call.
Interested students may attend orientation activities during the last year of their master’s degree program to learn more about the admission procedures, educational objectives, and professional prospects. Held from January to June, orientation activities take place at related offices of affiliated institutions.