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Learning how to address concrete challenges, academic and business professionals join the classroom to share practical and technical lessons through lectures and workshops. Staying in synch with the fast comprehensive changes in science and technology, students engage in extended reality witnessed through the lens of revolutionary augmented, virtual, and mixed artificially intelligent learning tools. Confident that Learning by Doing is vital to their educational curriculum, students complete the program with an internship at a private company under the National Center.

The fast and comprehensive changes in science and technology are transforming economies across the world by generating new markets and players. As a means to transform and support the economic development of Southern Italy, the National Center strategically places PharmaTech Academy in the competent hands of the University of Naples Federico II. The Academy aims to fulfill its role of stimulating research, development, and innovation in novel and complex technologies that advance Key Enabling Technologies (KETs), which includes access to infrastructures that allow students to quickly develop and test innovations.

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