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RNA&GeneTherapy National Center at the 2024 Festival del Management

Program Manager of the National Center for Gene Therapy and Drugs based on RNA Technology, Elena Quagliato took part in the 2024 Festival del Management on March 7 hosted by Bocconi University in Milan. Sponsored by the Italian Society of Management, the annual festival is an opportunity to share practical, concrete, and measurable contributions to the professionalization of management.

Focused on generating high productivity and greater value across public and private academic and scientific institutions, Quagliato participated in the “The NRRP Initiatives carried out by Italian academics” session. With presentations and a round table, the session welcomed fellow management directors from Italy’s National Champions, Marco Pacini (Director, AGRITECH Center), Riccardo Coratella (Director, NBFC Center), Gianmarco Montanari (Director, MOST Center), Luigi Giunti (Director, HPC Center), and Luigi Gallo (Head of Incentives and Innovation, Invitalia).

Allowing each member to share best practices while addressing distinct challenges facing each of the five National Centers, Quagliato perceives the struggles of implementing a National RNA Research Center as an opportunity. “This is a completely new field of biomedical and technological innovation. Therefore, we must build our network from the ground up. Our National Center aims not only to be a leader within this network but to ensure a sustainable legacy for future generations.” With the global biotech market projected to surpass $3.44 trillion by 2030, building this network focuses on the infrastructural investment of a Gene Therapy Center and RNA Production Platform that will place Italy at the helm of Europe’s post-pandemic economic growth.

Sharing strategic plans to ensure the longevity of Italy’s technological transfer investment that converts research into pharmaceutical manufacturing and production, Quagliato understands that a knowledge-based economy is key to sustainability. “The National Center continually recruits young scientists while financing a National PhD program in RNA Therapeutics and Gene Therapy as well as PharmaTech Academy to train those to operate across all phases of pharmaceutical development.”

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