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The National Center is “here to stay”

Participating in the first edition of the World Health Forum Veneto, the President of the National Center for Gene Therapy and Drugs based on RNA Technology, Prof Rosario Rizzuto offered the audience insight into the future of the medical science sector during his talk, “From molecular elucidation of pathogenesis to personalized medicine: the opportunities of new biomedical technologies.”


Joined alongside an international panel of speakers, Prof Rizzuto acknowledged that when considering the idea of a cure we often perceive rare diseases as orphans, abandoned, forgotten, or left behind from medicine. He reminds us that what we consider common diseases, like cancer, are rare in that they can be broken down into subgroups for specific targets, and thus treated through personalized medicine. The conundrum of this perception is that the enormous cost of developing specific targets lies in refining the delivery methods of medicines through a common platform. This sustainable approach is where the National Center excels, as the possibility of developing drugs based on RNA technology lies in various types of RNA that can make, modify, inhibit, or change the activities of proteins within the genome path.

Prof Rizzuto underlines the encouraging forethought the Italian government held when selecting the National Center as one of its five Champions with the funding to develop Key Enabling Technologies under its post-COVID Resilience and Recovery Plan (PNNR).  When asked about the return on investment of the National Center, Prof Rizzuto presented data on the growth rate of the RNA therapeutics market reaching USD 38B by 2030, bringing additional confidence that the National Center for Gene Therapy and Drugs based on RNA Technology is “here to stay.”


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